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Colorful Announces NB EX, Vulcan, and Neptune RTX 40 Series Graphics Cards


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Yesterday NVIDIA finally unveiled its upcoming RTX 40 Series GPUs, specifically the RTX 4090 and two versions of the RTX 4080, and while there will be Founder's Edition versions of these, there are also incoming AIB models to keep an eye out for. Among these will be those from Colorful, which has announced three different series that will offer these Ada Lovelace-based GPUs: NB EX; Vulcan; and Neptune. There will also be models released under the Advanced and Ultra series, but at a later date.

Looking at the NB EX series first, it uses a similar triple-cooler design to what was used with the previous generation. These are 98 mm fans but have been upgraded to use a thicker blade design to help move air through the triple slot cooler. There will be NB EX versions for the RTX 4090, RTX 4080 16 GB, and RTX 4080 12 GB GPUs.

Next we have the Vulcan series that have a more aggressive design and feature a new Hurricane Scythe Blade fan design to move more air with less noise, compared to the Storm Chaser design of the previous generation. Also helping this series stand out from others is its inclusion of an iGame Smart LCD detachable magnetic display. This can be mounted horizontally or vertically to the graphics card ad connected by USB to display various graphics and pieces of information from the iGame Center application. The Vulcan series also features a button on the rear IO panel to engage overclocking without software. Like the NB EX series, there will be Vulcan versions for the RTX 4090, RTX 4080 16 GB, and RTX 4080 12 GB GPUs.

Coming to the Neptune series, this is at the top of Colorful's stack as it features a 360 mm liquid cooler. With the amount of power the RTX 40 series is able to pull, this kind of cooling may prove necessary when you are pushing the GPU to its highest possible performance. It uses three 120 mm PWM fans that include RGB lighting to cool the radiator. The card itself still has a 2-slot design, two RGB strips inside for ambient lighting, and within is a copper waterblock that covers the GPU and VRAM. Like the Vulcan series, it has the rear IO button for easy overclocking, and there will be versions for the RTX 4090, RTX 4080 16 GB, and RTX 4080 12 GB GPUs.

Though we know NVIDIA is releasing the RTX 40 series on October 12, I do not have when these AIB models will be available, or what their pricing will be, at this time.

Source: Press Release (Colorful – RTX 40 Series Graphics Card Announcement)

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