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  1. Undertale at 60% off: $4.00 or $7.20 for the Soundtrack Bundle. Soundtrack also on sale. Hydroneer at 30% off: $6.99. Weekend Deals (cont.): Need For Speed Sale
  2. My brother has to use one of those flat, indoor antennas and aside from his place being on the wrong side of the building it works well enough for him. In his situation nothing can help short of moving or getting the complex to install the roof antenna again. I talked to my dad because this is the kind of thing he knows well (broadcast engineer and general interest in related technologies) and he also mentioned the possibility of an attic antenna, if you have access to that. An indoor antenna can work too, but having an amp might be a good idea, depending. Generally the larger the better. We see adds for an antenna around here that has two extendable rods meant to resemble rabbit ears and that would not be desirable. He also suggested possibly looking at this: rabbitears.info. You can find out what stations cover your area, as well as the direction to their transmitters. He did point out though that if you are looking just at the compact indoor antennas, those are limited to UHF channels. The highest VHF channel (needing antenna feet wide as opposed to inches) is 13, so anything on that physical channel or lower, will not be detected. On that site it appears the physical channels, if not expressly labelled as such, are in parentheses. The color coding of the rows also indicates this, with red being very low VHF and yellow very high. Blue and white are UHF and what a small antenna would have the potential to pick up. I hope you get this set up and enjoy. We've been off of cable for years now and are quite happy with the channels we get in the Cleveland area. If you enjoy some classic television, we can recommend MeTV, which is actually based in Chicago.
  3. Bomber Crew is free in the Humble Store for three days.
  4. It is hardly news that Intel has been struggling in recent times, as its 10 nm manufacturing process has been slow to come out, AMD has successfully brought significant pressure in the CPU market, and Apple decided to develop its own M1 silicon for its devices. This week the company announced a significant change that could help it continue through these challenges and a rumor has come out that may also help, but the announcement first. On February 15 Bob Swan will be stepping down as CEO of Intel with Pat Gelsinger taking on the position. Swan has been in this position since January 2019, and while two years is not a very long time, he succeeded in growing the company's revenue streams despite the issues with 10 nm and such. Still, as the Anandtech article points out this change will bring an engineer to the head of the company again, and one with significant experience, including at Intel. Pat Gelsinger has been the CEO of VMWare since 2012 and was able to make the company into a global leader for cloud infrastructure, enterprise mobility, and cyber security. Prior to this position he was a COO at EMC where he oversaw operations concerning storage, data computing, backup, and RSA security. It is before EMC that was at Intel for 30 years, as Intel is also where his career started. During that time he worked on USB and Wi-Fi that have both become ubiquitous standards today and was the architect for the original 80486 processor. He also led 14 microprocessor programs and was key to the Core and Xeon families of processors, so it is hardly surprising he became Intel's first CTO. Under Swan's leadership, Intel has had the goal of becoming a multi-architecture company so it can enter into new and fast growing markets. One clear example of this is the work on Xe graphics as GPUs and other specialized accelerator are fast becoming the desired hardware for data centers and supercomputers. As the Anandtech article points out, with Gelsinger we will see the futures of 10 nm, Intel 7 nm, Alder Lake and the future Lakes processors, Sapphire Rapids, discrete graphics, Ponte Vecchio, networking, packaging, Internet-of-Things, infrastructure, artificial intelligence, and 5G compute. It would not surprise me if there is more that can be added to that list either as Intel is involved in a great many areas. With Swan continuing as CEO until February 15, that means he will be the one on the January 21 earnings call when Intel will report its Q4 and full 2020 earnings. There will also be an update on the progress for Intel's 7 nm processing node. Due to the struggles with getting 10 nm ready for mass production, Intel has had to face questions of if it will turn to third party fabricators, such as TSMC which is producing AMD's 7 nm parts. Already Intel has outsourced the production of some of its non-CPU parts, but according to TrendForce, it may allow CPUs to be manufactured by TSMC later this year. More specifically, the rumor claims mass production of Core i3 CPUs would begin at TSMC in the second half of this year on its 5 nm node, but in the second half of 2022 mid-range and even high-end CPUs would be mass produced on TSMC's 3 nm node. If proven true, this would be very significant news as Intel has not wanted to outsource its CPU manufacturing, but with TSMC successfully getting ahead of it in process technology, some have speculate it would eventually happen. As it happens, Anandtech had an interview with Bob Swan recently and during it he mentioned Intel would have certain requirements before outsourcing CPU manufacture. These include preferential treatment for the necessary volumes and the integration of related design tools. Licensing the technology from a third party is also an option that would be considered, but we will possibly learn more on that from the earnings call next week. Source: Intel (Pat Gelsinger CEO Appointment), Anandtech (Pat Gelsinger CEO Appointment), and Trendforce (TSMC Possibly Producing Intel CPUs) Back to original news post
  5. Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night at 50% off: $19.99 or $33.97 (43% off) for the Iga's Back Bundle. Survivalist: Invisible Strain at 20% off: $5.59. Weekend Deals: Stormworks: Build and Rescue at 20% off: $19.99. Mafia Franchise Sale
  6. Humble Book Bundle: Start Something New by Chronicle: How to Cook Like a Top Chef Stitch Encyclopedia: Knitting How to Rule at Photography Rethink: The Way You Live Texas Hold 'Em Grill Every Day Anything You Can Do, I Can $8.00+: Sweet Paper Crafts Bookbinding Urawaza Book of Building Fires Stitch Encyclopedia: Crochet Analog Photography How to Rule at Drawing How to Do Things Relax: Reference to Go Feng Shui: Reference to Go Balls on the Lawn $15.00+: Create Your Own Online Store in a Weekend Everyday Meat Guide How to Build a Hovercraft Build This Bong How to Make It Pep Talks for Writers Handy Dad in the Great Outdoors Better Each Day What to Talk About Ultimate Book of Trivia Business of Creativity Mr. Boddington's Etiquette Typographic Knitting $20.00+: Wine For Normal People How to Drive Find Your F*ckyeah Freehand How to Make Hand-Drawn Maps The Wild Dyer Ultimate Book of Card Games Happy Houseplants Uncommon Paper Flowers Girls Garage Handy Dad by Todd Davis Quick & Easy Korean Cooking Parson Gray Trade Quilts by David Butler How to Get Out of Friend Zone $25.00+: 52 Small Changes for the Mind American Sfoglino Graphic Design Theory Easy Soups from Scratch with Quick Breads to Match Build It Yourself by Frank Perrone Mastering Art of Chinese Cook No Plot? No Problem! revised Creative, Inc. How to Be a Graphic Designer without Losing Your Soul Humane Gardener Mastering Homebrew by Randy Mosher Field Guide to Dumb Birds of North America Sausage Making Southern Makers by Jennifer Causey Pasta by Hand Brooklyn Makers by Jennifer Causey Featured charities are Book Industry Charitable Foundation and Worldreader.
  7. Humble Software Bundle: Music Producer 2: Entangled Species Multiverse AAS Player BTA: Plastic Pop Starlight Cinematheque $20.00+: Strum Session Lounge Lizard Session Ultra Analog Session Objeq Delay Featured charities are Youth Music UK and Little Kids Rock.
  8. Cook, Serve, Delicious! 3?! at 25% off: $14.99. Soundtrack also on sale. Blood Bowl 2 at80% off: $3.99 to $10.08 (82% off) depending on edition. DLC on sale for 33% or 60% off. Midweek Madness: Gamera Game Sale DRAGON BALL FighterZ at 84% off: $9.59 to $17.59 depending on Edition. Most DLC on sale at 50% off. Void Bastards at 60% off: $11.99 or $19.97 (50% off) for the DeLUXe Bundle. Bang Tydy DLC on sale at 40% off.
  9. Yoku's Island Express at 80% off: $3.99. 112 Operator at 50% off: $12.49 or $22.62 (46% off) for the Complete Edition. Most DLC on sale for 25% to 35% off.
  10. It is the beginning of the year which also means it is CES time and for CES 2021 Intel has started things off with its round of announcements, including previews of Rocket Lake and Alder Lake processors. Rocket Lake-S processors are to offer a 19% IPC improvement generation-over-generation for the highest frequency cores, and the series will be topped by the Core i9-11900K. This architecture will also offer 20 PCIe 4.0 lanes from the CPU itself as well as new AI capabilities and optimizations for games. We can expect these to launch in the first quarter of 2021. Coming in the second half of the year will be the Alder Lake parts, which may prove to be the more interesting product. Alder Lake will feature both high performance and high efficiency cores in the same chip, a design seen with some ARM-based CPUs. The idea is to allow background tasks and others that do not require peak performance to run on the more efficient cores while the more powerful cores are left idling. This may sound like it will prove more valuable for mobile products than desktop, but we can expect it to come to desktop processors in the future as well. It will also be manufactured an enhanced version of Intel's 10 nm SuperFin technology. SuperFin and other technology were discussed by Intel back in August, as part of the company's Architecture Day 2020. Of course Intel had more news to share than just these two processors as the company also showed off its 11th Gen Intel Core vPro platform aimed at businesses. The vPro processors include several security technologies, such as Intel Hardware Shield. This utilizes a silicon-enabled AI threat detection system to detect and stop attacks, such as ransomware. Control Flow Enforcement Technology is also present to protect against this class of attacks that software solutions have struggled with. In addition to these security technologies, the processors will utilize Iris Xe graphics and support Intel Wi-Fi 6/6E connectivity, to help keep employees connected with fast uploads and downloads. Artificial intelligence performance is supposed to be eight times better than the previous generation, and 2.3 times faster creation and video editing. Intel is also claiming the Core vPro i7-1185G7 is able to beat AMD's Ryzen 7 Pro 4750U in Office 365 by 23% and as much as 50% faster in other office productivity tests. To create the best experience for business users, Intel launched the Evo vPro platform for laptop, as those verified as part of this platform are to be stylish, thin, and light while providing great responsiveness and instant wake. This year there should be over 60 laptops launching from different manufacturers as part of the Evo vPro platform, and Intel Evo Chromebooks were also announced, which are to be a new class of premium Chromebooks. As this past year had many turn to their computers more than ever before, including students relying on them for education, Intel is introducing the N-series Pentium Silver and Celeron processors. These are to provide a balance of performance, media, and collaboration for education. Built on the company's 10 nm process, these processors should offer up to 35% better application performance and 78% better graphics performance compared to the previous generation. In April Intel started its Online Learning Initiative to get laptops and other resources to students and the company intends to continue its efforts this year as well. You can find more information about these at the source links below, especially the second one which is patterned as a live blog for the news conference. Also you can find the footnotes at the end of the first link, providing more information on Intel's testing to arrive at the performance comparisons it shared. Source: Intel [1] and [2] Back to original news post
  11. Humble Book Bundle: Project Management MBA by Wiley: Executive's Guide to Project Management: Organizational Processes and Practices for Supporting Complex Projects Execution Excellence: Making Strategy Work Using the Balanced Scorecard Your Project Management Coach: Best Practices for Managing Projects in the Real World Managing Project Stakeholders: Building a Foundation to Achieve Project Goals The Project Success Method: A Proven Approach for Achieving Superior Project Performance in as Little as 5 Days $8.00+: Smarter Data Science: Succeeding with Enterprise-Grade Data and AI Projects Project Management JumpStart (4th Edition) The Complete Software Project Manager: Mastering Technology from Planning to Launch and Beyond Microsoft Project 2019 For Dummies The Project Book: The Complete Guide to Consistently Delivering Great Projects The Agile Pocket Guide: A Quick Start to Making Your Business Agile Using Scrum and Beyond $15.00+: Projects Without Boundaries: Successfully Leading Teams and Managing Projects in a Virtual World Effective Project Management: Traditional, Agile, Extreme, Hybrid (8th Edition) Leading Complex Projects: A Data-Driven Approach to Mastering the Human Side of Project Management Visual Collaboration: A Powerful Toolkit for Improving Meetings, Projects, and Processes Software in 30 Days: How Agile Managers Beat the Odds, Delight Their Customers, and Leave Competitors in the Dust The New One-Page Project Manager: Communicate and Manage Any Project With A Single Sheet of Paper (2nd Edition) The Fast Forward MBA in Project Management (5th Edition) Featured charity is Innocent Lives Foundation.
  12. Blackwake at 99% off: $0.99. Pathologic 2 at 50% off: $17.49 or $29.27 (54% off) for the Supporter Bundle. DLC on sale at 50% off.
  13. Planetary Annihilation: TITANS at 75% off: $7.50.
  14. Once again I am in Darksiders II: Deathinitive Edition. I know, it is kind of wild to be in it two weeks in a row. Anyway, the video is uploading now and will go live at the usual time tomorrow. Unfortunately I have recently discovered the usual time is not what I thought it was. For some reason YouTube is using GMT as the timezone and I have not been able to find anyway to change that. Quite annoying and I don't feel like converting the timezone, so it will go live at 1 PM GMT.
  15. Monster Prom: Franchise Bundle at 41%: $17.79. Individual titles also on sale for 10% to 60% off. :THE LONGING: at 20% off: $11.99. Weekend Deals (cont.): Pavlov VR at 40% off: $14.99.
  16. With the first full week of the year coming to an end, it is time to go over some of the video games news it has brought us. Unfortunately the week has not been that busy with game news, but with CES 2021 starting next week, we know there will be plenty of tech news to digest soon. Starting things off is some news from Deep Silver as Gods Will Fall can now be pre-ordered. In this game you are the last hope for humanity as you enter into the realm of the gods to defeat them, ending their cruelty. There are eight survivors in your Celtic clan, with each being different sizes and wielding their own weapon, making it important to select the appropriate warrior for the next fight. With the game releasing on January 29 for PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Google Stadia, you are now able to pre-order the title and get with it the exclusive Hunter's Head Gear. With each playthrough the gear is assigned at random and will allow you to wear the hides of a wolf, bear, boar, fox, or badger to show the gods why they should fear you. In addition to the standard edition, you can also pre-order the Valiant Edition that brings with it the Valley of the Dormant Gods DLC. This adds three new gods and their infernal realms to challenge you, as well as two new warriors with their own weapons and style of combat. There are also new items, skills, things to find in the overworld to help you as you enter the realms of the gods, and battle-ready attire to equip.   Source: Press Release (Deep Silver) Devolver Digital had some news to share too as Fall Guys will be receiving, for a limited time, some iconic costumes from the DOOM franchise. From the trailer below you can see you can dress the Slayer or as demons as you rip and tear through the Blunderdome. These costumes will be available starting on January 12. A special point is made in the press release that Team Deathmatch remains unconfirmed for the game, so your goal will still be to acquire the crown and not to dismember your enemies.     Source: Press Release (Devolver Digital) Lastly, Epic Games has shared it has acquired RAD Game Tools, a company that even if you have not personally heard of you very possibly are familiar with just the same. This company has specialized in compression technologies for years and has seen that technology used in almost 25,000 games, according to the press release, and considering how many I have seen use Bink compressed videos, I can believe it. The company is behind more than that one format and codec though, and that is why Epic decided to acquire them. The intent is to integrate the tools into Unreal Engine to enable games to load and download faster while improving the gaming experience. With the size some modern games have reached, perhaps integration of better compression methods is exactly what we need. Though Epic Games is the new owner, RAD will continue to support their partners in the game, film, and television industries, regardless of if Unreal Engine is used. The sales and business development teams will continue to maintain and sell licenses for the company's products. Source: Epic Games Back to original news post
  17. Slasher's Keep at 25% off: $10.49. Niche - a genetics survival game at 60% off: $7.20 or $10.07 (54% off) with the Soundtrack. Weekend Deals: Rust at 33% off: $26.79 or $36.15 (40% off) with the DLC bundle. DLC on sale at 33% off. Due Process at 50% off: $12.49 or $19.66 (40% off) for the Soundtrack Edition.
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  22. Seems all it took was starting a new year, but I have finally returned to Darksiders II: Deathinitive Edition. The video will go live at the usual time tomorrow.
  23. Humble Book Bundle: Home Sweet Home by Quarto: Grow a Living Wall: Create Vertical Gardens with Purpose: Pollinators - Herbs and Veggies - Aromatherapy - Many More Deck Ideas You Can Use - Updated Edition: Stunning Designs & Fantastic Features for Your Dream Deck Container Gardening Complete: Creative Projects for Growing Vegetables and Flowers in Small Spaces 101 Organic Gardening Hacks: Eco-friendly Solutions to Improve Any Garden $5.00+: Dog Training 101: Step-by-Step Instructions for raising a happy well-behaved dog Countertop Gardens: Easily Grow Kitchen Edibles Indoors for Year-Round Enjoyment 101 Magic Tricks: Any Time. Any Place The Pocket Guide to Dog Tricks: 101 Activities to Engage, Challenge, and Bond with Your Dog Straw Bale Solutions: Creative Tips for Growing Vegetables in Bales at Home, in Community Gardens, and around the World Square Foot Gardening: Growing Perfect Vegetables: A Visual Guide to Raising and Harvesting Prime Garden Produce $10.00+: Miniature Gardens: Design and create miniature fairy gardens, dish gardens, terrariums and more-indoors and out Ultimate Slime: DIY Tutorials for Crunchy Slime, Fluffy Slime, Fishbowl Slime The All New Illustrated Guide to Everything Sold in Hardware Stores Square Foot Gardening High-Value Veggies: Homegrown Produce Ranked by Value Raised Bed Revolution: Build It, Fill It, Plant It ... Garden Anywhere! $18.00+: Ultimate Slime Extreme Edition: 100 New Recipes and Projects for Oddly Satisfying, Borax-Free Slime Your Year in Art: A project for every week of the year to overcome blank-page anxiety and inspire creative exploration Straw Bale Gardens Complete, Updated Edition: Breakthrough Method for Growing Vegetables Anywhere, Earlier and with No Weeding Step-by-Step Projects for Self-Sufficiency: Grow Edibles * Raise Animals * Live Off the Grid * DIY Square Foot Gardening Answer Book: New Information from the Creator of Square Foot Gardening - the Revolutionary Method She Sheds: A Room of Your Own No-Waste Organic Gardening: Eco-friendly Solutions to Improve any Garden Learn to Weld: Beginning MIG Welding and Metal Fabrication Basics DIY Dog Grooming, From Puppy Cuts to Best in Show: Everything You Need to Know, Step by Step Camper Rehab: A Guide to Buying, Repairing, and Upgrading Your Travel Trailer Featured charity is EveryLibrary Institute.
  24. Humble Software Bundle: Organize Your PC: IconPackager 10 CursorFX 4 WindowBlinds 10 BTA: SpaceMonger 3 Start10 WindowFX 6 DeskScapes 10 $15.00+: Fences Multiplicity 3 KM SoundPackager 10 Groupy Featured charities are Make-A-Wish and Save the Children.
  25. GOG is giving away Metro Last Light Redux until January 1 at 2 PM UTC.
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