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power plan keeps switching by itself..

steve burnell

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hey people, long time since i've posted but here goes.

i recently had my machine randomly restart, while not the issue, i wanted to find out why, i opened event viewer only to find lots of entries for userpowermode, this kind of side tracked me so i opened power management to find the power plan switched form ultimate performance to balanced.. thought i may of just been "one of those" windows things and changed it back to ultimate.. but.. before i even had chance to close the page it switched itself back to balanced and also switched to high performance right before my eyes.

now i have recently been upgrading my system with a few new parts but currently i'm running

amd ryzen 7 3700x (stock)

32gb ddr4 3000mhz

msi rx6800xt 16gb

msi x470 gaming max motherboard

512gb adata sx8200pnp nvme

1tb kioxia nvme

2 x 2 tb wd hdd

512gb seagate hdd

750w psu

this is honestly in all my years i've actually come across something like this and it's kind of puzzling me a little. i do work in i.t, run my own repair / sales shop and have not seen it before.

i've updated all software and drivers and it's still switching, i've removed all but ultimate and the standard profiles you can't remove but still the same.

has anyone else come across this and managed to figure it out? i've attached a video of the problem i have so you can see what's going on 





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