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Bios Observations And Suggestions

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OK...I am also a regular poster at anoother forum focusing on DFI boards....and this is a cross post of a post I made there,,,

but thought it might help for anyone with any motherboard....the bios versions are DFI specific, but the suggestions are universal....





OK...I have a couple things I thought I would pass on...not super deep or technical, but might help....


I thought I would play a little bit. I have been running the 1/21 BIOS quite successfully as my sig shows, but thought I would test a bit...


tried loading the 2/17 (don't remember which..my head is still spinning) it did not work for me, system wouldn't even boot (but the version doesn't really matter because as has been discussed many times, what works for me (or doesn't work ) may not work for you...


Well... the first suggestion ... BUY A BIOS SAVIOR!!!

If I didn't have one... I would be taking my system apart right now...


but I had a few problems recovering...

Booted the system up using the original factory BIOS, and tried to flash with winflash (never had good luck with Awardflash, but I ma getting to that...)

thought...Well, Hmmm.. now what....?


Tried awardflash again... as a previous thread discussed, I would start it and try and flash to the Bios savior, but it would just hang and hang....



Used another system..

(I guess this is another point... Don't touch your BIOS unless you have another system handy or can afford to lose a system for a couple weeks (any system, not just DFI!))

and downloaded awardflash from Midnight machine site (Thank you to the owner of that site..we appreciate it!!)


just to see if my version of awardflash was old..

The version I was trying to use was from the DFI site and it was version 8.22


the version at midnight machine was 8.24.... Hmmmm


tried to flash my borked bios savior (I leave the original BIOS stock, and play with the savior...)


and Poof... it worked fine!


so to paraphrase my rambling!


Buy a Bios Savior,

have a spare system,

and make sure your version of Awardflash is up to date...


By doing those things I am back in business with the specs in my sig...


Hope this help!!

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