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Townsmen: A Kingdom Rebuilt Getting The Seaside Empire DLC and Additional Console Versions in 2020

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Players of Townsmen: A Kingdom Rebuilt may be happy to hear it will be receiving The Seaside Empire DLC in early 2020. With this DLC, players will get to settle new empires around the Mediterranean, an environment with a new look and feel, as well as new buildings. The coastal harbor will increase your trade options while the military castle will make defense easier. There are also new decorations for your town, with the Inn capable of generating money the more beautiful the town is, and there are other useful buildings to try as well. The DLC brings more than just a new location and buildings though, but also moral choices and decisions with new short story events. There will be six new scenarios, nine endless mode maps, unique skins for every building, eleven new buildings, new songs to enjoy, and new scenery.

The Seaside Empire will be available on PC and Nintendo Switch in early 2020, and when the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions are ready, there will be a bundle version that includes the DLC with the base game.



Source: HandyGames

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