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THQ Nordic Acquiring Piranha Byte

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It was announced today that THQ Nordic and Piranha Bytes have finalized an agreement for Piranha Bytes to be acquired by the other company. Included as part of this was the intellectual property for the Gothic series as well Piranha Bytes' rights to the Risen series and ELEX. There will be no changes to the personnel at Piranha Bytes, including that it will not be moving to Vienna, and Piranha Bytes GmbH, a newly formed entity that is completely a subsidiary of THQ Nordic GmbH, will host the entire development team. Formerly Pluto 13 GmbH was the company behind Piranha Bytes but it will now be Piranha Bytes GmbH following the purchase of the trademarks and IP, along with the existing office equipment.

Concerning the development of remakes of Gothic or Risen games and potentially ELEX 2, the press release gives the semi-official comment of, "Have a guess" concerning ELEX2 and no comment on the remakes at this time.

Source: THQ Nordic

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