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The Division 2 Receives its First 8-Player Raid


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Today players of The Division 2 will get to face their biggest in-game challenge yet when the Operation Dark Hours 8-player raid launches. It is only accessible to those players that have achieved World Tier 5 and a gear score of 490 or better. Players will go to Washington National Airport to face the Black Tusk forces that are using the location to fly in troops and supplies.

Though you can expect the encounter to be difficult, the rewards include exclusive loot like new gear sets and an exotic weapon. Additionally, those who complete the raid will get a clan banner icon and a trophy for their clan space. If you manage to complete it between today and May 23 you will also get a commemorative arm patch. The team that first completes the raid will also get a team photo and their names placed in the game's White House, for all other players to see.

Source: Ubisoft

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