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Intel Shows Off SVT-AV1 Codec with Netflix


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For a long time, the h.264 codec has dominated others for Internet video, and while it is still a good system for encoding and decoding video streams, a lot of effort has been spent developing replacements for it. The current champion among these is AV1, produced by the Alliance for Open Media as a new video codec specification that will be more efficient while also being open source, avoiding licensing issues that have plagued other h.264 successors. The specification for AV1 was released about a year ago, and even before this, work was being done on encoders and decoders for it.

Today Intel and Netflix announced the chipmakers Scalable Video Technology for AV1 (SVT-AV1) codec that could be used with its Xeon Scalable processors to live broadcast 4Kp60/10-bit content. Intel has created other SVT codecs, but this one is unique among them by allowing one to scale performance based on required quality and latency. The collaboration between these two companies was to bring a new AV1 solution to the open-source community, which will hopefully help spur others to develop the AV1 algorithm and generally innovate future video compression technologies.

Source: Intel

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