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Blue Announces Ember XLR Microphone Targeting Streaming, YouTube, and SoundCloud Creators


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Earlier this week, Blue, now owned by Logitech, announced its new Ember microphone. While most people may recognize the brand for the ever-popular Blue Yeti USB microphone, this is instead an XLR microphone, but still targets those who use a microphone for live-streaming, YouTube videos, or music applications like SoundCloud. This new microphone is called Ember, and Blue describes it as 'a premium, cardioid XLR condenser microphone.' Its specific cardioid pattern, is one of its selling points for the company, as it is tight so the microphone will pick up less ambient noise than normal cardioid mics. Blue also states the condenser capsule, the part that actually captures audio, is hand-tuned to provide clear, open, and detailed sound. Ember also features a streamlined form factor and compact design for those who need it.

Ember is available for pre-order and has a suggested price of $99.99. Being an XLR microphone though, users will also need an audio interface, and as it is a condenser the interface will need to provide phantom power as well. While the need for this additional hardware does increase the cost of the total package, I personally have enjoyed using my setup for the years I have had it. Though I have not used any Blue products, I have been quite happy with the hardware I have had and that I can change out components as I wish or need to, unlike with some all-in-one USB microphone solutions.

Source: Logitech

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