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Aftermath, First Part of Star Control: Origins - Earth Rising Season Pass Available Now

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Last week Stardock announced the Earth Rising expansion for Star Control: Origins would have it first part available starting today. Aftermath begins the four-part season pass and adds several things to the game, including the Gloosh, a new species and potential ally. They are possibly the laziest aliens in the universe though, but may still prove helpful when dealing with a new enemy.

There will be six new major quests, including multi-stage quest chains that will chronicle humanity's first steps on the galactic stage. There will be new ships to encounter, from the Gloosh, Lexite, and Kzanti factions, with some being possible to recruit. Also there are new Precursor mysteries to uncover as events will activate the multi-manifold sensor systems on Precursor Starbases, revealing the locations of ancient relics.

The following three parts to Earth Rising will release over the next six months. Part 2 is The Lexits and will come in Winter 2019; Part 3 is The Syndicate, coming in Spring; and Part 4 is Earth Rises, releasing in Summer.



Source: Stardock

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