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RAGE 2 Given May 14, 2019 Release Date

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It was back in May, coincidentally also on the 14th, that Bethesda announced RAGE 2, and then last night its release date was given of May 14, 2019. RAGE 2 features a seamless open world with a "high distraction factor" so while you may start out on a path to do one thing, do not be surprised if you find yourself turning to investigate something else. Doing these other tasks can help you out though, by improving your relationships with certain groups, and potentially also getting you valuable resources and items. Some items you will not encounter while just playing the campaign either, such as the Icarus mini-copter, which is like a reward for those who do go out and explore. You need to earn it and once you do, it helps to open up the world for even more exploration.

RAGE 2 will be available for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 when it launches May 14, 2019. For some of you it may be worth noting that Avalanche Studios, the developers behind the Just Cause series and the 2015 Mad Max game are also developing this game.

Source: Bethesda

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