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Price and Specs Leak for Radeon RX 590 Graphics Cards

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There have been rumors and leaks for a while now suggesting the coming of an RX 590 graphics card from AMD, featuring a Polaris 30 GPU manufactured on the 12 nm process also used by second generation Ryzen CPUs. Now VideoCardz is sharing information on this GPU it says it got from documents concerning its release. This new GPU will have a base clock of 1469 MHz, which is higher even than the RX 580's boost clock, and a boost clock of 1545 MHz. The RX 580 will also be paired with 8 GB of GDDR5 memory on a 256-bit memory bus. From the numbers VideoCardz pulled from the document, the RX 590 should be around 12% better than the RX 580, but it is worth noting these numbers apparently came from AMD's testing.

Of course what might be the most important number is the MSRP, and according to these documents, it will be $279. Purchasing one gets you more than the card though as apparently there is also a game bundle to go with the cards getting you Devil May Cry 5, The Division 2, and Resident Evil 2. The total worth of these games is $180.

Though the announcement for the RX 590 is not until November 15, apparently PowerColor accidentally put up its press release on its Red Devil RX 590 early and some managed to grab the link. It indicates the Red Devil RX 590 will have a higher boost clock of $1579 MHz, but will achieve this without increasing power consumption compared to the RX 580. The Red Devil will use an 8+6 pin power connection, though at least one leak I have seen suggests the GPU only needs an 8 pin connector, so the extra 6 pin may be for overclocking headroom. The Red Devil RX 590 will have DVI-D, HDMI, and three DisplayPort outputs, and will come with the three games listed earlier, from select eTailers come Thursday. VideoCardz has leaks of RX 590s from Sapphire, XFX, and ASRock as well, so in a couple days there will be some options for those looking to get one of these.

Source: VideoCardz and PowerColor

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