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Trials Rising to Release February 12


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Trials Rising is the next entry in the franchise and we now know the day in February it will be releasing; February 12. In this game, players will get to race in various locations, including outside the Eiffel Tower and on the Great Wall of China, for its over one hundred tracks, all while trying to set faster times. When you do, your friends will be instantly notified, so they can jump in and try to unseat your record. If you have a friend next to you though, you could try the new Tandem Bike mode, where two players control the single bike. As you play you will earn fame that allows you to progress in your League, and once you complete that you can go to the Stadium Finals. Here you are set against seven other players in an elimination-style competition that spans three heats, with the best riders unlocking the next League.

Trials Rising is expected to release on February 12 for PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch, but you can try to get into the Closed Beta that runs from September 13 to the 16. Pre-orders should be up now for both the Standard and Gold editions. Naturally the Standard Edition contains only the base game, but pre-ordering will get you the Jungle Rider Pack, so you can race in a gorilla suit, and the Wild West Rider Pack featuring a cowboy outfit. These two packs each have five items for your rider and one for your bike. The Gold Edition comes with the Expansion Pass, which gets you two major DLCs and "much more" for only $40.



Source: Ubisoft


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