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Galactic Civilizations III: Intrigue Review Incoming

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Earlier this week Stardock released the Intrigue expansion for Galactic Civilizations III, and I was fortunate enough to get a key for it. Naturally I want to review it but have had a busy couple weeks, so I decided to try something a little different. Because it can take far less time to record a video than writing a review, I decided to do that. Below is a, admittedly long, video review, of sorts. I'm not much of a video and audio editor, which is why it is so long, but I still try to share my opinions on what Intrigue has brought with it.

The written review is coming, and I did make this video first so there might be some differences, but I wanted to share this now, for those interested in the expansion. The written review will probably be easier to digest, as it will take less time to read than watching this.



For anyone curious, I am not sure if I will do video reviews like this in the future, but I might. We will have to see.

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