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ASRock May Enter Graphics Card Market


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This might be an interesting rumor to anyone looking to get a new GPU in the next few months as some market watchers are claiming ASRock might try to enter the graphics card market next month. This rumor comes from Digitimes and also says ASRock would focus on AMD GPUs for its cards.

Currently ASRock makes motherboards for a number of markets, including high end motherboards for consumers but also boards for servers and other products. Last year was a good year for it, in part because Gigabyte Technology went through reorganization, creating an opportunity for ASRock to ship more motherboards, and there is high demand for its cryptocurrency mining motherboards as well.

If this turns out to be true, ASRock entering the graphics card market could disrupt others already in it as the supply of GPUs to add-in board partners is not unlimited and cannot just grow to provide for another company. April is not that far away so we will see what happens.

Source: Digitimes

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