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Refining my overclocked i5-2500k

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His room temperture is probably high or something as it sounds like. I use to run Prime95 while trying to figure out how much overclock i should give to my processor, but now and days i just run games and do the usual things i.e. browse the web and etc. Battlefield 1 is a really good game to benchmark your system for stability, because of how much it uses the cpu, almost to nearly 99-100 percent in the game. If it has been several years then i would take that heatsink fan off and clean and reapply some new thermal for sure. Also make sure you dust out your system every once in awhile. Not sure where you live but, i think those idle temps. are alittle high and specially for winter, they should be around 20-25c for idle. I got my i7 7700k overclocked to 4.8GHz with 1.312v and my idles around this time of the year is about 23-25c and peaks at 70-72c at full load and its because of how cold it is and plus i have a watercooling system on my processor. I think that cpu cooler you have is alright for that i5 2500k, i got the same one in my lil' bros system and he has the i5 3570k processor. Last but not least, make sure you pay close attention to what some of these forum members are saying because some of them have had alot of experience with hardware. 

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