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More Trident Z RGB DDR4 RAM Announced by G.SKILL


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In December of last year, G.SKILL announced its Trident Z RGB series of DDR4 RAM, which features full-length light bars, so you can completely illuminate your RAM with different colors and effects. Today the company has announced new additions to this series, targeting Intel X99 and Z270 platforms with ultra-high capacity kits. If you need a lot of memory, you can get a 16 GB x8 kit for 128 GB of DDR4 RAM, though the frequency on that configuration caps out at 3333 MHz. The 64 GB, 8 GB x8 kits can reach 3466 MHz though, something G.SKILL is sharing a validation screenshot of from an X99 platform.

If you are more interested in high speed than ultra-high capacity, G.SKILL pushed a pair of its 16 GB modules (so 32 GB total) to 3866 MHz on the Z270 chipset, and again we have a screenshot of that validation.

These new kits will be released in May, will be backed by G.SKILL's limited lifetime warranty, and support XMP 2.0.



Source: G.Skill


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