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JEDEC Working on DDR5 and NVDIMM-P Standards


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It may not seem like DDR4 RAM has been around for long, especially as AMD only just started supporting it with the launch of the Ryzen processors and AM4 platform, but already JEDEC has announced it is developing the DDR5 standard. The plan is for DDR5 to double the bandwidth and density of DDR4 while also improving efficiency, which are characteristics everyone wants but you do not need to worry about your new systems being outdated already. This announcement from JEDEC is just that this standard is being worked on, and publication of it is not expected until next year. It will take time after that before manufacturers will start supporting it.

Along with DDR5, JEDEC is also working on the NVDIMM-P design standard, a hybrid DIMM technology that is meant to offer a high capacity persistent memory module. Conventional RAM, like DDR4 and DDR5, is volatile memory so when power is lost so is the data, but NVDIMM uses non-volatile memory to protect against this loss. Chances are this technology is just intended for servers and not regular consumers.

Source: JEDEC

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