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Serious Sam Fusion 2017 from Croteam Enters Beta


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Some of you may have noticed a new item appear in your Steam library: Serious Sam Fusion 2017 (beta). The reason we got this is because Croteam is unifying multiple Serious Sam games into this central hub, which has some interesting benefits. For now it only has Serious Sam HD: The First Encounter included, and if you have a copy of that already, you got Fusion 2017, but eventually it will be getting The Second Encounter and Serious Sam 3: BFE along with the VR versions of all of the games. By having all of these games together, you will be able go from a level in one game to another without having to leave the application. Also game servers for The First Encounter, The Second Encounter, and Serious Sam 3 will all appear in the same list, and you will even be able to vote for maps across these games. Additionally, VR and 'flat' players will be able to enjoy multiplayer together.

Some other features include support for SteamOS, Linux, and OSX, Split-screen, multi-monitor support, borderless window, 64-bit executables, multithreaded rendering, and Vulkan API support, though this is currently a beta implementation. DirectX 9 support is going away though, so the current options are DirectX 11, OpenGL, and Vulkan (beta). There are some other new features too, which you can find at the Steam store page.

Remember this is currently a beta release, so if you launch it up, you may encounter some bugs.

Source: Croteam and Steam


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