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Sorcerer King: Rivals Receives New Campaign


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Two years ago Stardock released Sorcerer King and then last year it released the stand-alone expansion Sorcerer King: Rivals. With update 2.1 of Rivals a new campaign has been added, with Chris Bucholz as its writer. It begins with the player receiving an artifact that will let them pass through the barriers the Sorcerer King put up on the world he rules. This artifact does not come freely though, so you will need to explore to solve this mystery, but exploration does not come freely either. The Sorcerer King notices every time you unlock a gate to another realm, but he will let you explore provided you leave his minions alone and give up some of your life force to him, from time to time.

There are plans for Rivals past this update and its sizable campaign. Eventually the sovereigns players can choose from will have custom starting units and unique improvements, "and some other things."

Source: Stardock

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