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Steam Direct Replacing Greenlight


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For those of you who enjoy looking for new games in the Greenlight section of Steam, Valve has announced it is going to be changing things up in Spring 2017. Greenlight will be going away and replaced with Steam Direct, a direct sign-up system to allow developers to put their games onto Steam, after taking care of some digital paperwork. This move is to make Steam more of a direct distribution system, which Greenlight was also meant to do, but did not quite make it to that goal. It did prove the success of the concept though, especially as there have been over 100 Greenlight titles to have made over $1 million, each. Without Greenlight, many of these likely would not have entered the old, curated Steam store. To keep the noise low with this new system, there is going to be a recoupable application fee for each title, but Valve has not settled on the amount yet. When asking various developers and studios some said $100 and others said $5000. With advantages and disadvantages at either end, Valve is continuing to gather feedback before deciding.

Source: Steam Community

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