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Genome ROG Certified Edition Case Launched by Deepcool


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For those looking for a computer case that works with the Aura RGB Lighting system from ASUS, Deepcool has just launched a new entry in its Genome series of cases with exactly that support. This ATX case still has the pre-installed liquid cooling system with helix reservoir and large radiator, but now the LEDs in the case can work with the Aura system and integrated remote control. The water block, reservoir, PSU shroud, and LED strip can all have their lighting controlled this way, so you can freely customize to fit your personal taste.

For those of you interested in showing off your GPU as well as your favorite colors, the Genome series comes with a PCIe extension cable so you can mount your graphics card vertically. The Genome ROG Certified Edition has an MSRP of $299.99.

Source: Deepcool


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