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E3 2016

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Battlefield 1 64 player multiplayer livestream is today during EA Play event, currently live as of 4:00 PM US EST.

EA Play
1PM Pacific / 4PM Eastern / 21:00 BST / 06:00 AEST (Monday)
We should see some Mass Effect Andromeda and Titanfall 2 gameplay at EA's show this year, and we expect something Star Wars related, though it may just be a tease for a far off game.
7PM Pacific / 10PM Eastern / 03:00 BST / 12:00 AEST (Monday)
Watch it: Bethesda on Twitch (may change if Bethesda streams elsewhere)
Expect to see Dishonored 2, of course. The rest is speculation and rumor, but we're betting on Prey 2, a remastered Skyrim, and maybe Quake.
9:30AM Pacific / 12:30PM Eastern / 17:30 BST / 02:30 AEST (Tuesday)
Aside from all the Xbox stuff, we can expect to see more of Rare's exciting pirate game, Sea of Thieves, as well as ReCore. Hopefully there's a decent focus on the PC this year, with the caveat that any announcements are likely to be Windows 10 Store exclusives. Microsoft is showing up at the PC Gaming Show, too, which brings us to...
PC Gaming Show
11:30AM Pacific / 2:30PM Eastern / 19:30 BST / 04:30 ACST (Tuesday)
Watch it: Twitch / YouTube
It's our show! Last year we decided it was high time the PC as a platform had a bigger presence during E3 week, so we worked with AMD to put on a show, and this year we've done it again. Expect a bunch of guests from all around PC gaming, and a few surprises. Here's more about the lineup and timing

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Battlefield 1 live stream starts here: 



Things I liked:

Graphics - Terrain, weapons, and weather effects looked great. When it rained you could see water pooling top of the weapons, a nice effect.

Smooth performance
Melee kills looked satisfying.

Tanks weren't too hard to destroy. Looked like it took 2-3 anti-tank grenades.

Vehicles now have module damage and you can see visual damage and pieces breaking off the tank.

Tanks are labeled as "landship" in the damage done notification.

Seeing WW1 era tanks (coming from playing World of Tanks and War Thunder, based in WW2 - Cold War era)

Tank repair looks similar to War Thunder. You press a button and then your locked out from doing anything until its repaired. Hopefully the balance this by not allowing u to repair the tank to full HP. Maybe only back up to 75% or only up to 25% increments as long as you don't drop below it.

Entering vehicles now has an animation instead of you magically teleporting into it. Hopefully is the same to exit the vehicle, but from what I saw you just magically teleport out.

Flak cannon wrecking planes.

Reload animations combing stripper clip and single fed. Ex. Rifle holds 10 rounds. You have 3 rounds left. It'll add in a stripper clip (5 rounds) then manually feed in 2 rounds.


Things that felt odd:
Not a WW1 game from what I'd imagined. Maybe if they add in an Attack/Defend mode like Rush. Conquest mode is basically dropping a pebble on an ant hill and watching them scatter.

Too many SMG and Semi-Auto Rifles.

Didn't notice any light machine guns carried by soldiers. I think someone was carrying what looked like a Hotchkiss and Mansen LMG.

Tanks seems way too maneuverable.

Funky BF mantling issue, where it doesn't let you jump or climb over something that you should be able to (saw it happen once someone trying to jump on rubble).

Tank turrets looked like they rotated way too fast.


I'm positive I'll get the game. It does look fun. I was expecting more authenticity, but gameplay trumps all. I'm interested in seeing the new spawn screen but didn't really get to see it other than for a split second.

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