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Open-Source GPU Created


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Not too long we saw an interesting trend develop of using GPUs to do more than render graphics but also perform various computations. Now you can find supercomputers leveraging the power of GPUs for very complex computations and various pieces of software to accelerate tasks, like simulations and video encoding. To help advance GPU designs and improve their capabilities to perform these tasks, researchers at Binghamton University have created the first open-source GPU for research.

The name of this new GPU is Nyami and was created to allow researchers and even enthusiasts to see how modifications can affect performance. While it is possible to simulate it for experiments, the researchers intentionally designed it to be synthesizable, so no corners were cut in the process. This makes it much more reliable to work with, as any results can be experimentally verified.

The hope for Nyami is to allow people to approach issues with it as research problems, resulting in performance and efficiency improvements. It could also be used for research that is not necessarily GPU-specific, such as studies focused on energy efficiency and reliability.

Source: Binghamton University

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