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Batman: Arkham Knight Receives New Patch


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Remember Batman: Arkham Knight, the game that was pulled after launch due to crippling issues on the PC and that you could get Steam refunds for? Since it went back on sale it has received patches to improve performance and other issues, and it is receiving at least one more before year's end.

This new patch does not include many performance and optimization fixes, but it does have some. The heavier rain from the beginning of the game has been returned, the missing rain effects on playable character skins have been fixed, frame time issues for some monitors have been addressed, and there have been some optimizations for certain hardware combinations. Most of the changelog addresses other gameplay issues, such as graphical corruption after Alt-Tabbing, KB/M control issues, and makes the Classic Harley Quinn skin and Arkham Knight character playable in some challenges and story packs. The patch comes in at 538 MB and naturally Steam will automatically download it for you, if you have the option enabled.

Source: DSOGaming

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