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Phenom 2 x4 970 over clocking


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Hello, I'm new here to the forums. I am new to overclocking as well. I am having some troubles with my overclocking I am hoping you fine people can help me with.

I have a phenom 2 x4 970 on a gigabyte 990fxa-ud5 that I am currently running stable at 4.2ghz. Any time I push the multiplier higher no matter the cpu voltage windows fails to boot. So I did some quick googling and found people have had better success overclocking the base clock. Here is where I have the issue. I try to increase the base clock, it saves in the bios, I lower the multiplier and up the voltage by a couple ticks and boot up windows. It runs great but, the base clock speed is still set to 200, and the multiplier is where i set it to. Essentially setting the overall clock speed far lower than i want it to be. Is there a setting somewhere I don't know about that is keeping the base clock speed set to 200? Also I am running Windows 7 64 bit professional. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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