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[SOLVED] How to remove battlelog friends?


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I posted this in a thread, but I know it probably won't get any views, so i want to make a thread of it:


I have a BF3 stalker, he's extremely annoying and messages me every 2 seconds.. Getting emotional when I can't always be online, tolerating his obnoxiously high pitched voice, and spamming me every 5 seconds for periods of 5 hours or more..


I have proof, btw.. Just 3 snips of a chat about 1,000 lines long, from 3AM this morning, after I had told him several times I was not fully awake and wasn't going to be playing until much later in the day:






So, how do I remove this guy? Btw I censored his name for his privacy.


--THIS is one downside of being good at games. Guy added me because I had an exceptional game, still one of my best to date.. And he's literally one of the most annoying people I've ever met: Especially when he turns his mic on.

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go to your profile, then click friends, click the x next to his name.


Wow, thanks.


I don't know how I didn't notice that before.. It's pretty much identical to how facebook does it. I was trying to check his profile for some sort of "unfriend" option.


He's removed, thanks! Editing topic title to include "solved".

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