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Updating Samsung Galaxy SL to Gingerbread

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Hey guys, the phone is on froyo right now and I just installed Kies with the latest updates and I was wondering if anyone here tried to update it using kies. When Kies starts up it tells me that there is a new firmware and asks me to upgrade to it but I do not know which version is that : PDA:KPH / PHONE:KP3 / CSC: KPC (EGY)


I wanna know which version of gingerbread is that ? How do I backup my apps and other stuff. I watched the video tutorial included about the backup and restore in Kies so I'm just asking if there is another or better way to do it ?!

If the update was unsuccessful what should I do ? or If the new OS has bugs can I go back to froyo ?!

Should I remove the MicroSD card when Upgrading the firmware ?!


I know I am asking alot of questions here but I'm new to this stuff :D ...The Phone is not rooted BTW


Model : Samsung Galaxy SL I9003

OS : Android 2.2.1

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Firmwares > Smartphone > Android > GT-I9003 > Middle East


I9003JPKPH 2.3.6 2012 February I9003OJPKPC Egypt


It's Android 2.3.6, and it's a quite a big upgrade... a lot of new features and improved functionality... I think you might even get some ICS (4.0) features like face unlock... not sure for SL (I have an S)

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So if I upgrade to 2.3.6 using kies the phone will have all of its functionality ?! Some users said that their camera stopped working and stuff like that .....

Also what's the big difference that you noticed when upgraded your phone to 2.3.6 ?!




Others say the Wi-Fi is not working ?!!!!

In case of that happens to mine, How do I go back to 2.2.1 ?!

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I'm actually still on 2.3.4 because I left my USB cable at work, but I install firmware via Odin and am rooted...


I'd recommend finding the appropriate section at xda forums to see what the verdict is for the new firmware for your phone, and if any issues exist, if there are any workarounds/solutions.

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