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So my brother has a very limited budget for a pc upgrade. Its like R4000.

Now the we already have a 600w psu, case, hdd, cd drive.


What I am looking at getting him is the following:

MSI 990FX GD65

AMD PHENOM II x6 1055t

Coolermaster hyper 212evo (making the cpu a 1100t in no time)

Corsair vengence ddr3 1600 4gb stick

Club3d HD6790 (only one avalable in SA for a resonable price)


He wants to be able to play BF3 smoothly, he does not care to play it high settings just at constant fps


so any comments.

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My suggestions for your build


Mobo: MSI 990-FXA GD-65 a damn solid board no reason to change

CPU: AMD Phenom II X6 1055T based on the prices of the quad cores there is no reason to not get the 6 core.

CPU Cooler: CM 212 Evo again imo you have picked right here too

RAM: Corsair Vengance LP 4GB strangely enough both low profile is cheaper than normal height and buying individual 4Gb sticks is also cheapest way to go. you may find yourself happy with a single stick of 4gb ram but if you want more another one of these LP sticks is perfect.


You already have everything else which leaves really only the big thing here the GPU which will hopefully rake you in some better FPS


Do you have anywhere else that you could purchase a GPU from? because the selection on the site isn't the greatest in the world.

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