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I have been slowly building my knowledge base though www...

I haven't posted in a while so its nice to be back!...ignorant as ever...


Could someone explain stepping...

...where the term comes from and how it applies to the last few itterations of processors


Thanks for the help...recently got my rig to the 'not so magic since sandybridge' 4GHz and couldn't have done that without OCC!!

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No processor design is perfect. The first version of a new microprocessor product is the A-0 step. Later, as improvements are made to the product for functional (bug) fixes or manufacturing improvements, the stepping number will increase.


Generally speaking, minor changes result in an increased number, (that is, A-1 to A-2) while more complex changes result in the letter being changed (that is, A-2 to B-0).


Is that what you are after?



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Yeah that helps...i had a vague idea

Thanks eisbar!


Don't suppose anyone knows why they call it stepping though as opposed to revision...?

Is it just so average Joe doesn't realise that it wasn't perfect first time round..?!?!?

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