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  1. I'll copy and paste what he wrote in reply @Boinker I stricly need a reservoir pump combo to fit in my mid tower, so i could potentially used what "stoner" put the link to. The XSPC reservoir pump combo @stoner Im getting the dark blue tubing, therefore i dont need coloured coolant and will get distilled water which is cheaper, with some P-T nuke. All round if i did it fully custom, its wayyyyyyyyyyy to expensive... Cheers EDIT: Would this be a good waterblock if he was to go fully custom? http://www.pccasegear.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=207_160_878_879&products_id=17663
  2. Hey lads, Basically, my mate is wanting to set up a watercooling loop in his 650D - he's going to order a RS240rasa kit, and obviously another 120mm rad He will replace all fittings with bits power compression fittings, and will be water cooling my gtx 570 and later adding another and also water cooling, using this block. Fans: This has been a big issue for him, but i think he's settled on gelid wing 12's. We cant find gentle typhoons for under 25 bucks @ a decent retailer, if there are any other decent fans out there, hopefully blue ( or aesthetically pleasing )pleaseee post. He will be replacing the Rasa kit tubing with some other tubing, thinking this tubing but it possibly will change. He's got the cash for this, so the reality of it is not a worry , but he doesn't want to go overboard spending. If its worth noting, he will be getting an ivy bridge cpu and overclocking the beast. Also, He is located in Australia so any changes or suggests will need to be from an Aus retailer. Cheers for help! EDIT: His pc is as follows Corsair 650D Gigabyte GA-Z68X-UD5-B3 Corsair Vengeance CMZ8GX3M2A1600C8R 8GB EVGA GTX 570 HD Core i5 2500k Corsair AX 750W Coolermaster Hyper TX3
  3. Hey mate firstly, what will you be using it for because i would recommend changing to a 2500k instead unless your going to use the i7 to its full potential. also if your going to overclock, change to the K series I personally would change the mobo to the sabertooth purely because i dont like the price of that board. The sabertooth is an amazing board. as for the ram, pick up a 1333mhz set you will see little to no difference between 1600 and this. Get a 2x4GB set instead. i agree with the psu, a 750-800w would be enough as for the case, i personally would go for something like a HAF X but thats a personal choice. Looks great. Cheers
  4. Hey mate you don't need to use those holes as the loop is sealed. You mount the h70/eco where your rear exhausted fan is. There is no reason why it wouldn't fit. Cheers
  5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fRrU2RFX3_U Miek - you might like . Absolutely love that song, and its a bit like what your listening to Cheers
  6. Yeah its a little strange but I like it. Allows you to fix up the dodgy ones haha. The 540m is 100$ extra over the 525m. Do you think it would be worth it? I noticed they are exactly the same ecept for memory and core clock. there are some features that the xps comes with over the inspition, like aftermarket speakers, backlit keyboard, etc Cheers
  7. Hey bud, cheers for the reply With the Inspiron you cant change the cpu, ram or gpu. Pretty much you can only change around the looks and random crap thats not needed. While with the xps you can change the cpu, ram, gpu, hard drive, etc etc. I selected the most suitable inspirion to compare with the XPS. I read somewhere that they have close performance, but i just couldnt find any benchmarks showing. Apparently the XPS has a better build quality? I'm not too sure. Cheers EDIT: i see what you mean about the XPS customizing, you have to click select then choose the cheapest one to customize. Sorry for that.
  8. Hey guys as the title said, im considering a new laptop. I decided im not going to bother upgraded anything in my pc atm. Now, im pretty much on a tight budget, of around 1.3 grand. I'm going with dell. I get a 10% discount on Dell XPS systems and 5% off Inspirion. at the moment its between two laptops. it will primary be used for gaming/lan (l4d2, BC2, COD4, and of course, minecraft) at my mates house while also just schooling/uni stuff. i want it to last for atleast 2-3 years. Remember, im from Australia so this will need to be in aus dollars from Dell Aus 1. XPS 15.6" (Customized it) cpu: i7 2630m gpu: GT540m ram: 4gb (1x 4gb) figured i could add another 4gb if i wanted for less than what they ask. hdd: 640gb 7200rpm - dont need anymore, have heaps of space on my desktop and portable hdd battery: 6 cell Total: $1,247 after 10% 2. Inspiron 15r (15.6") (cant customize) cpu: i7 2630m gpu: GT525m ----> worse gpu? ram: 8gb ram (2x4gb) hdd: 640gb 5400rpm - dont need anymore, have heaps of space on my desktop and portable hdd ---> slower hard drive battery: 6 cell Total: $1223 after 5% Cheers for any help
  9. Never say die vol 7 i....i... just cant stop listening had it in my itunes for about 2 weeks. listening to 60 hours of it so far Cheers
  10. Hey may, welcome Firstly, there is no real point in buying the i7 unless you are going to do heavy rendering and such. The i5 2500k is just as good, if not better at times when it comes to gaming. I agree with mucho, i would wait for the vertex 3 series. As for a cpu cooler, even a hyper 212+ will be able to get you a solid overclock of 4ghz+ . This comes with thermal paste so no need to worry about that. No need to wire or solder anything, the psu will come with all the wires you need and so will the other components. Just make sure when building, your not on carpet and have a few screwdrivers Other than that, looks solid buddy Cheers
  11. what about the coolermaster cm690 II? its an incredible case, with loads of fan spaces, has amazing reviews and its only $90 from newegg Here's a review.
  12. well, the 5870 should be able to fit into the zalman seeing as it has a clearance of 29cm. It also fits in the thermaltake and predator. As for xfire, im not too sure, i think they should fit. What budget do you have for a case and where are you buying from? I completely agree with getting the i5 2500k, would not go for amd. Cheers
  13. My vote is seasonic. I also agree with black, why not get a h50/h70 instead? cheers
  14. Don't work for me either. Fix your links bud Cheers
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