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Strange sounds can be important!


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So this week I learned that if something in your system is making a strange sound you are supposed to contact the manufacturer! XD


A while back I won an ECO A.L.C. from CoolIT through their youtube contest, as did some other members (Waco, BluePanda, etc.)


A few months ago it started making this strange slurping sound, like it was sucking air or something. I contacted CoolIT and they told me this is bad! Who woulda' thunk it. Anywho, shortly after they provided me with RMA information at their expense so I can ship it back to them to investigate the strange sound.


In return, they are shipping me a Vantage A.L.C. which is a hefty step up. Basically the main difference is a nifty little LCD panel that reads out the CPU temp.


Long story short, you should always be wary of strange sounds in your case. XD

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