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Memory/MB Compatibility

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Hey all,


I'm having trouble on deciding if I should get this memory, it's a great deal that I don't want to pass up, but I'm afraid of it not being able to run at speeds of 1066 on my motherboard. I've read in some places that they're not able to run at their specified speed; they are forced to run at 800 due to motherboard limitations. So my question is: will my mobo be able to run these sticks at 1066? I know I might have to manually adjust them through my bios. My current ones are great (OCZ 1g x 2), but run at 800mhz. The reason why I want to purchase faster sticks is because I want to OC my system a little more [i'm at 3.8ghz right now] and get some more memory in as well.


Thanks in advance!

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