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Need suggestion about 17" notebook coolingpad

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Hello everybody, I need you suggestion about notebook cooling pad for 17" laptop. My laptop is Asus G73JH, and I need a cooling pad. the i7 and 5870 get very hot if I use it in a room without air conditioner...


I have just bought the Coolermaster Notepal Infinite



and I don't think it is a good cooling pad with 90mm fan @ 2000rpm. The airflow is very small, and hardly can be felt.. So I have sold it to my friend who are using 14" laptop, now, I am looking for a new one.


I have searched through the internet, and I found these... This is my choice, but feel free to give me other choices of brand and model.. Max budget is US$35. US$30 is better.


Coolermaster Notepal X2



Thermaltake Massive 23 LX



(I don't know what makes the price is different than the Massive 23 ST, but I take the cheap one (LX))



If you have other suggestion, feel free to post..


Thank you



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