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  1. Thank you! I appreciate your advice. I just found some memory listed in QVL. Avexir Core series 2400 is the best choice for now. Buy may I ask you a little bit more about RAM? I saw that Trident Z RGB 3200 is listed in QVL. But it runs at 3200 MHz, is it going to be a problem? http://www.asrock.com/mb/AMD/X370%20Taichi/#Memory F4-3200C16-8GTZR, I guess it's identical as the one I want really bad: F4-3200C16D-16GTZR, I don't plan to OC the RAM for now. If I install ram sticks higher than 2400 (let's say 3200 or 3000 like the kit you used for review), is the motherboard going to downclock it automatically to 2133 or 2400? Or I have to tweak it manually or else I'm going to have a POST problem? Sorry, I have never tweaked a memory before since I'm using a laptop right now. Your expertise is highly appreciated. Regards
  2. Thank you for your information. This made me feel a bit safer. I am very worried about ram compatibility. I'll just go for the standard 2400 with qualified vendor listed in QVL.
  3. Hi, Please, I need your suggestion about my upcoming build next week. Since Phenom X era, I always prefer AMD for desktop to Intel. Main purposes are for 1080p gaming (medium-high gaming, not extreme), graphic works, multimedia, and multi-tasking. And I won't be upgrading my PC yearly as I'm planning to keep it for at least 7 years or more. My upcoming build spec is as below: AMD Ryzen R7 1700X (already bought for US$ 388) AsRock X370 Taichi Sapphire RX480 Nitro 8GB Be Quiet! Shadow Rock Slim (waiting AM4 Bracket from Be Quiet!) Crucial MX300 525GB Seagate Barracuda 2TB Seasonic X650 or XFX XTR650W (Identical price) Evolv ATX TG for the case +Deepcool RGB strip, and bitfenix alchemy custom cable, it cost USD 1700 in total. I don't live in US, so prices might not be the standard one, and yes it is expensive. I do understand that 7700K is much much better for gaming compared to newly-born 1700X. But in my country both prices are the same (388 for 1700X and 390 for 7700K). I will overclock the 1700X a little to 3.8GHz. Besides, X370 boards are cheaper compared to Z270 boards. and I believe 1700X is more future proof as 8C/16T will be mainstream for gaming from now on. Ryzen chips have significantly higher raw power compared to 7700K, I guess it's only matter of time until games can utilize all threads. I prefer get a powerful CPU (not LGA2011) so I can keep it for years and upgrade the graphic card only. And RX480 suffices my gaming need. Memory is missing from the list, and I need your expertise to help me choosing memory. I watched and read a lot of Ryzen reviews. All of them are saying that memory compatibility might be an issue with AM4 platform. Can someone provide me an easier explanation? Does it mean that currently existing DDR4 sticks are not all compatible with AM4? Do I need a very specific ram speed or brand or type for AM4? I found a user guide and memory compatibility from AsRock for Taichi, http://www.asrock.com/mb/AMD/X370%20Taichi/index.asp#Specification But I don't understand the compatibility guide on Specification -> Memory section. Also, there is QVL for memory, and I couldn't find any of them being sold here. My RAM choices are below (all 2x8GB): 1. Klevv Cras PC17000 KM4C8GX2N-3000-1 (cheap, prefered) 2. Geil Super Luce PC19200 GLW416GB2400C16DC (cheap, prefered) 3. Corsair Vengeance LPX CMK16GX4M2A2666C16 B (less prefered, expensive, 2666 MHz compatibility concerns me) 4. Crucial Ballistix Sport LT 16GB KIT PC19200 (cheapest, prefered, based on Crucial website it says compatible with X370 Taichi, but not in QVL). And AM4 does not support XMP, does that mean all RAM with XMP will not work on AM4 platform? This whole RAM thing is confusing for me. I won't overclock or tweak the ram, I'll run it in stock. I hope you can help me with this matter. I understand AM4 is still very new, regardless I really want to build a stable system. And if you have any suggestion on the remaining parts, you are very welcome. Btw I am upgrading from i7 720QM 1.6GHz, 8GB DDR3, Ati Radeon HD 5870M 1GB. Thank you in advance
  4. Awesome! Entered! Thanks for OCC, Boss, sponsors, and everyone! Good luck everyone!
  5. Coolermaster Notepal X3 and carbon fiber skin for G73... The X3 is a good cooling pad for notebook! I am very pleased with the X3 performance and looks..
  6. Hey NikoDG.. Personally, I would go for Coolermaster U3 http://www.coolermaster.com/product.php?product_id=6671 It has 3 removable fans which can be adjusted on hottest spots on your notebook, and up to 19". The SF19 is not that good based on the reviews I read compared to U3.. U3 is easy to clean, and you can mod the fan size up to 14inch.. I believe I read it somewhere about 14cm fan mod on U3. just google it.. I used thermaltake Massive 23LX for G73, but it didn't cool my laptop that much. Now I am using Notepal X3, I am very impressed with X3 performance.. Overclock it under air conditioner (or in winter) with cooling pad will cool down the temperature. The notebook cooling pad is not that great for overclocking, it only 2-5 degrees Celcius cooler (w/o OC).
  7. So raid 0 is the best option with for adobe premiere? Maybe I am going to recommend him a OCZ Vertex 4 SSD 120GB... But sure I have to change the other option in order to not overlimit the budget... Just let's see if he can get a GTX570 and an SSD... Thank all for the reply and your suggestions... Hope we can make a solid build.... Regards
  8. Thanks for the reply.. I am from Jakarta, Indonesia... The hardware prices here are more expensive than in newegg (I only know newegg as an online computer hardware store).... It is okay to use the newegg prices if you want.. the difference is not too far though... thanks.. Do have a recommendation for me? Thanks for the reply.. wow, it is very easy... If he ended up taking the GTX560, I will try as you said... hope it works fine... Doesn't GTX560 Ti is fermi based architechture? If he have additional money, maybe I will refer him to GTX570 to make sure everything works fine... by the way, what processor you will recommend to me? 3820 or 3770K or 2700K? lol... still cannot decide it.. no problem, each people has their own favorite software for editing and doing the other things... But indeed, sometimes premiere makes me sick because it cannot import AVI footage. Adobe should take care of it.. AVI is a very popular video format, why does adobe doesn't support it even the premiere has reach CS5 series? I have to convert it again in AE before I import it in premiere.. I have installed all of the codecs I know but nothing's working. Until now, that's the only problem I faced when I use premiere... Maybe you have more experiences in Premiere video editing than me...I don't do video editing a lot like you or my friend...
  9. Thank you all for the reply at first I recommend him a 3930K, but unfortunately, if I add 3930K to the list, the price will be over limit... So I choose 3820... Which one is better? 2600K, 3770K or 3820? thanks, I will check your blog... And he doesn't want an overclock at all on his computer...so I will not overclock it as he say... Thanks for your information... Final cut is only available on Mac, so maybe Premiere is the best option here... lol.. I am using AE since CS4 to now (CS5) so I don't know the difference between the older one and the newer one.. We do special effect and motion graphic in AE, for video editing, of course we prefer Premiere to AE...but it is only my personal opinion... I did read about adding a graphic card name to a text file in adobe AE and Premiere somewhere out there... Check out this link, there is a list of nvidia graphic card that support adobe Premiere, and based on the list, the GTX560Ti with 384 CUDA cores has no problem with adobe Premiere... http://www.studio1productions.com/Articles/PremiereCS5.htm Do you think there is any possibilities that the GTX560Ti must be added to the list manually just as you said? Thanks hmm... I don't think so.... Buying something online is a hard thing to do in my country... and it is very risky.... We usually buy things like computer hardwares directly from the computer store, not from internet or ebay... And no discount off course....
  10. HI OCC members, Yesterday my friend asked me to build him a new desktop computer for video editing.. His budget is under $1600.. Less is better.... So, the specification is: CPU: Intel i7 3820 Sandy Bridge E / Intel i7 3770K Ivy Bridge? CPU Cooler: CM Hyper 210 Evo Motherboard: Intel DX79 SI / Asrock Z77 Extreme4 Gen 3? HDD: WD Caviar Black SATA III 1TB Memory: GSkill 16GB Dual channel PC12800 10D-16GBXL Graphic Card: eVGA GTX 560 Ti Superclock (He has no money to take the Quadro, so I choose the mid end graphic card with the largest amount of CUDA cores) Casing: CoolerMaster HAF 912 Advanced / CM Storm Enforcer (here, both prices are the same) PSU: Xigmatek Centauro 700W Modular (is this a good PSU?) Monitor: LG IPS 225V And now the question is: CPU question: After reading so many reviews in the internet and some forums, the Ivy Bridge and Sandy Bridge E still confuse me.. I have read reviews about 3820 and 3770K. Yes, the 3770K has more OCing capabilities than 3820.. But he doesn't want overclocking...so it doesn't matter... Some people say that 3820 and 3770K are almost equal in gaming performance, but 3820 is better and faster in heavy multi threaded activity such as video editing, photo editing and rendering... 3770K is better in single threaded application than 3820.. The 3820 has x79 chipset which has larger memory bandwith.. is it worth enough for After Effects Rendering? So, he does video editing and rendering in After Effects and Premiere, which one is the best option? CPU Cooler: My friend wants to make sure that his computer will not overheat when rendering and editing, so I suggest him to use CM Hyper 212 Evo... Do you have any suggestion for the other CPU Cooler? *Feel free to post your opinion if you have a better suggestion for the hardware... Thanks Regards Liclac
  11. How much your budget? LED LCD Samsung S23A350H Samsung PX2370 IPS LED LG 23" IPS236V LED Asus PA246Q (around $600) if you are using it for gaming, just take the LCD LED monitors which have lower response time..P-IPS is lack of response time, but very good in color accuracy and viewing angle... Regards...
  12. a lot...I have many collection of scanned artbooks and references (people photograph, cloth, object, etc, all photos and artbooks are in high resolution), and of course my own artwork (I keep them all)... I am an illustrator though, references are so important for me...lol..
  13. thanks for your reply, I have told her to backup her data regularly since that incident.. But I just want to know the cause, if the HDD is in problem, she can claim it for the warranty... regards
  14. Hi guys.. I have a friend who owns an Asus N43SL for about 2 or 3 months, yeah, it is a very good notebook. She treat it well, and as long as I know, she didn't have any problem with it until a few days ago. She has a single HDD 640GB, 140GB is for C: (OS) and 500GB is for D: (Data). A few days ago, she found that all of her data in D: completely loss (free space 495GB of 495GB), recently, there was 20GB data there. This is what she told me how it happened: 1. She bought a brand new flashdisk. 2. She has a friend who own new Asus N55, (maybe about 1 week old). her friend ask him to copy a freeware game from her laptop via her new flashdisk. 3. At first, when she was copying the game, it was said that the data had some error while copying, but she don't understand much about computer, so she ignored it. 4. After copying, the D still healthy and had no problem. 5. her friend gave back her flashdisk, and she wanted to copy some data to flashdisk. When she plugged in the flashdisk, and she open my computer, she found that the blue bar of her D was completely gone, so did her data inside. Lucky, some important college data could be recovered using EaseUs Data Recovery Wizard Free Edition. But some were completely loss, and cannot be recovered. and I had checked both of their laptop, there was no virus at all. And after that happened, her friend's N55 still working fine and had no issue at all with the data and performance. It was only D partition which was gone. The partition itself is healthy until now, no bad sectors. Do you guys have any idea what the root of the problem is? She is afraid of data loss anymore, because we have some important data for our project and college... I recommend her to save her data in C for a while, but it is not safe either.... I want to know the cause so the problem can be avoided...this is the first time I see something like this...thanks regards Liclac
  15. Thanks... I am planning on overclock the CPU, and increase the bus speed... I can upgrade it later, so the 12GB is more than enough already for now... Actually, I have GTX560 in my mind, but I didn't think about SLI, that would be a good consideration...thanks.. Oh my, I forgot, IVIYTH0S told me before when I was asking about my friend's computer here, the SATA III doesn't have any advantage over SATA II, except if I use SSD for it... Thanks for the reminder..
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