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I can not get the voice in MSN messenger to work on this

pc. I have two other pcs that it works fine on. This one

has winXP Pro, the others have Win2000. It has an Audigy

2 ZS sound card with speaker and Mic connections in the

front and rear. I use the front connections for Word

dictation, and they work fine. I cannot get the Messenger

tuning wizard to recognize the mic in the front

connection. It sees it in the rear connection and sets up

OK, but I can not send out any voice from it. When I try

to send a voice message to a contact,the volume bar moves

as it should, but no voice goes out. Same problem with

the phone thru messenger with net2phone. This pc and one

other are hard wire connected to a router, the third pc

is connected to the same router wirelessly. The other

two, one wired and the other wireless, communicate fine.

I can receive voice on this one, but cannot send out

voice. I have the same problem if I try dial-up. Any

suggestions will be greatly appreciated; I have tried

everything I can think of. Thank You.

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