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  1. Installed latest chipset driver, getting 60-70mbps, much better!
  2. Hey guys, I have 2 Seagate USB3.0 external drives (1x2TB & 1x6TB) and I am trying to transfer 1TB of stuff from one drive to another. The transfer speed is ~3mb per second and it says it's gonna take more than 1 day, what the heck is going one? My MB drivers are brand new, so what can be the problem? AMD 3900X 9 ASUS X570 PLUS GAMING 32GB VENGEANCE RAM GEFORCE 2070 SUPER RTX 750W SEASONIC GOLD+
  3. nah man, EK system was 1700$, the rest of the system was 3100$ haha!
  4. Yeah, well actually, EKWB sponsored me for everything so I didn't have to pay for it hehe, but yeah the total was 1700$CAD
  5. Yes, it has Micron memory. I gotta say, I have 4 fans out of 8 that aren't working right now (I need 4 pin extensions) so that might be what's giving me problems.
  6. Yeah that's pretty much what I was doing, I just find that paying 1700$ for a EKWB system and only getting that much kinda sucks lol
  7. Hey guys I just got a new system (see below) and I am using Precision X1 to OC my GFX card and I don't know whether I should be disappointed or not. I am running Super Position @+500mhz on memory and +120mhz on core and I am getting artifacts when running 1080p extreme test. My temps are very cool @45C tops for GFX and 67C for CPU. I did make sure the voltage option was set to max so that it can use that extra voltage if it needs it, but for some reason, I can't get it not to artifact, am I doing something wrong? ASUS X570-PLUS GAMING AMD 3900X 9 (not OCed, yet) 32GB Corsair Vengeance RAM 3200 EVGA RTX2070 SUPER NVMe 970EVO Plus 500gb EKWB cooling on GFX and CPU (D5 PUMP)
  8. Awesome, I needed that reassurance lol, I might just go with that build, I believe it's good in every aspect of what I need, thanks a lot Cow!!!
  9. Lol, this is getting complicated haha! Yeah I am mainly doing 1080p editing, nothing real serious, like I said, some AE effects here in there. I just want something that won't be outdated in 1 year or 2. I think the Ryzen 3xxx is a good choice too, what board to you suggest getting to not have the BIOS issues, I know you said the X570 but will I still have problems with that one too? Also, I still can't make a solid decison on which GFX to get. It seems like the hype isn't up to par with the RTX series cards, some say the Turing GPUs aren't impressive for the price you pay...It's like I feel like just getting a 1080gtx and ending it there and if that's not enough, i'll just SLI it lol..
  10. Alright so here's the new build I just came up with. I've been reading a lot about the 5700XT from Radeon and for a bang-for-buck, it's the way to go, the only thing is the blower cooler on it sucks, so I might need to get a aftermarket cooler for it eventually. I also heard they had a lot driver problems, so I don't know which to choose lol, it's either pay a little more for let's say the RTX 2070 Super or something similar to get lower temps and no driver problems or pay a little less and deal with the problems urghhh.. Also, you'll notice that it mentions that the BIOS might need an update and that stuff might not work, I am concerned. Have you had any similar experiences like this? https://pcpartpicker.com/list/8GFH6s
  11. Hmmm, dunno what the FX9590 is but on CPUID it says my CPU is a FX-8350, which is far from even being a Zen lol
  12. Yeah I was always a fan of AMD, but then again, I wasn't editing back then lol. The MB is a AsRock 990FX Killer. The setup is awesome and it works good for most tasks, but like I said, I need some sort of a tax break and the PC is what I am leaning towards at the moment. I will still be keep this PC as a backup for most stuff, but I need something that's a little quicker, in my case, time is money here so I have a good excuse
  13. Hey, that's fine, I haven't decided yet if I go Intel or AMD and I still don't know which GFX card to get lol. A lot of people are telling me to get Intel instead of AMD because they claim to be better for video editing than AMD. Just so you know, I only film in 1080p, and I don't do much editing apart from what you said, dissolves and zooms here and there with some audio enhancements. I don't plan on filming in 4K but hey, life is full of surprises lol so I might need to plan for that. The PC I have right now does the job, I just find it to be a tad bit slow at just operating Premiere and other programs so I need a refresh lol and plus it adds to my expenses seeing it's my primary job. It's a tough decision lol I left a .TXT of my current PC specs so you have a better idea of what I am talking about. GOT2LEARN-PC.txt
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