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OCing question


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Ok, another newb question but I'm learning, got my ram running at the rated speed with the XMP profile no problem.


However, when I go to start tweaking the OC for the processor. I notice the BLCK is directly tied into the speed the ram runs (I'm assuming because the QPI is on the processor and must share something there), so I'm not really comfortable changing it much higher than it already is at 143x21 at the moment which is resulting in 3.003 ghz. If I drop the multiplier but increase the BLCK it ends up wanting to run the ram at some mathmatically derived speeds of 2200mhz and some 2400mhz with the BLCK at 172.


Is there any way around that? I'm researching now but I like to post here as well. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Only looking to reach around 3.6ghz on the i7-930 and keep the ram at the rated 2000mhz.




Since then.. figured out I can just step back the ratio on the ram as I up the BLCK, so now its at 3.5ghz and running at 2000mhz.

3.5ghz - 2000mhz

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