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[WTS] E8400 E0 CHEAP!! X38 DDR3 asus board CHEAP!! DDR

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ok here it is.


E8400 E0 stepping cpu bare chip but will throw in a stock cooler if you really need it. I have taken this chip up to 4750mhz with 1.462V it was on my old maximus formula board never tried it with this DDR3 board. will p[robably OC much better on a P45 board dont want to sell it but upgraded to i7 so no longer need it!--$100 shipped- still goes for 165 on newegg plus shipping.


Asus P5E3 Deluxe X38 DDR3 motherboard tri crossfire capable (i think i never used more than 1 gpu) it has 3 pci-e slots i think its X16-X16-X4 bought it to hold me over after my Black opps died (RIP). Great board i was able to hit 500fsb on it pretty easily and hit 1800mhz DDR3 2X2GB no problem.--bought it for $90 selling it for--$50 shipped


OCZ Reaper 2X1GB DDR3 1333MHZ 6-6-6-18-1T 1.75V great ram here! has micron D9JNL chips on it which are oc monsters and are great with voltage scaling. I have gotten them to 1800MHZ DDR3 at 8-8-8-22-1T with only 1.9V YMMV--$45 Shipped


i Will sell the entire setup for $175 shipped.


Looking for certain trades like HD5850 (ill add $$) HD5770 refrence design ONLY(straight up) HD4890(straight up) GTX260C216 (straight up) 4870X2 ($$ added)

Venomous X (with the trader adding cash depeding on what they want to trade, I.e. venomous+30=E8400 etc etc)

But im always looking for new things AND will consider ANY TRADE or OFFER


Heatware @ overclocking-101








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Your suppose to put [WTS] in your thread title so people know.



Great prices BTW ;)

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