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  1. does the game scale with xfire?? i know some games do not, and if this games is as terribly coded as most say it probably wont.
  2. the cards have overcurrent control. you can disable it but it is a hard mod and not suggested unless you are real good at it. the 1ghz and 1351 mem is a damn good oc for those cards. i'd say grab a second or a better gpu
  3. vote overclocking101 for coolest member!!!
  4. toms hardware is like the little kids version of pc hardware. I take their reviews/ advice with a grain of salt. not saying this is incorrect but when a place like TPU does reviews like this you know you can trust them because they have someone who knows how to review gpu's correctly.
  5. hardware Video/Monitor Help - Cpu/Motherboard Help- Modding/Case Help- PSU Help- Software Help/Programming Help- Overclocking Help- General Help- Member Coolest Member- Coolest Staff- ccokeman Geekiest Geek- Most Bannable Member/Staff- Best Rookie Member- Most Committed/Dedicated OCC Member/Staff- Best Spammer- Most Annoying Member/Staff- Funniest Member/Staff- Worst User of English Language- Best Photoshopper/Graphics Designer- Most Improved- Best/Most Forum Pwned- Best Political Debater- Best Gamer- Worst Gamer- Overclocking Most Extreme Overclock- roadrunner Most Extreme Cooling- Coolest Cooling Solution- Mods Best Case Mod- Most Ghetto Mod- Best Avatar- Best Sig- Best User Title- Best Username- kingdingeling Coolest Rig- Best All Around Member- verran (R.I.P.) will update soon
  6. I know one of the game developers, he's a cool ., my landlord! i get to beta test baby, gotta love it!
  7. im in I7-875K--2X HD5770 1gb--Asus P7P55D Deluxe--4GB patriot viper 2-xfx 750w psu, win 7 64
  8. not true. some older board have major problems with newer cards, BUT usually its only the X2 cards that have probs, like 4870X2 and 5970
  9. im in for sure! my rig will change for the better but it is not bad now.
  10. tonight is the night!!!! good luck to everyone that sighned up!
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