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Job Search.


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Well I am off trying to find a new job for myself. Good luck eh hehe..


Anyways I thought it would be kinda good for the community if we complied a list of tools and utilities out there that help the search.


There are a few things I have been using including


LinkedIn http://www.linkedin.com


Monster http://www.monster.com


Craigslist (yes I actually do browse it for job listings lol..) http://www.craigslist.org


Local Newspaper Classifieds



Another thing I did was I created a website for myself displaying not only writing samples but also various pictures from events I have been too, and also a portfolio of some of my work. I just utilize a wordpress, don't need to get super fancy or anything.


Also in this day and age it is important to keep your social networks clean. Remember employers do browse these when they are debating a potential candidate. While Social Networks such as Twitter, facebook, etc can be helpful as well, you gotta make sure your friends are not tagging photos of you doing a keggstand at a party... o.o



So that is where I am at. Anyone else have any ideas to help improve this list?


If you want to check out my linkedin, twitter, and my website you can access and get an idea of what I am doing with my attempts to build a career.

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