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Errors with Folding@Home

Fight Game

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I did a little of this a few years back and decided to start some more. I joined the team, name is the same.


Just a couple questions.


Does it only use free resources? From cpu and gpu? Is this a setting somewhere that I've missed, in other words can I make it only use free resources so that it won't slow down my gaming or whatever else in the backround? Or can I manually make it use 100% to do more work (ie if I'm alseep or not home).



If I wanted it to run off both cores and my gpu, how would I do that or confirm that it's doing all this? Would doing this slow down my gaming?



Edit: I'm erroring in the log file too, something about 503


Edit again! Ok sorry if this isn't the right place for this. But I'm getting FILE_IO_ERROR now too.


[07:17:36] Preparing to commence simulation

[07:17:36] - Ensuring status. Please wait.

[07:17:53] - Looking at optimizations...

[07:17:53] - Not checking prior termination.

[07:17:53] - Expanded 238361 -> 1167461 (decompressed 489.7 percent)


[07:17:53] Project: 4443 (Run 481, Clone 3, Gen 7)


[07:17:53] Assembly optimizations on if available.

[07:17:53] Entering M.D.

[07:18:13] (Starting from checkpoint)

[07:18:13] Protein: p4443_Seq43_Amber03


[07:18:13] Writing local files

[07:19:38] Extra SSE boost OK.

[07:19:38] Writing local files

[07:19:38] Completed 0 out of 1500000 steps (0%)

[07:20:51] local files

[07:22:10] Size of work/wudata_01.bed not what saved.


[07:22:10] Folding@home Core Shutdown: FILE_IO_ERROR

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Depending on how it is set up, yes it will use free resources... so when the computer is not in use, it will crunch a bit faster than if you were playing a game or doing other stuff.


As far as the FILE_IO_ERROR. How did you set up F@H? Is this the CPU or GPU client? Did you install the GUI client, or is this the console version? Did you set it to run as a service? What OS? Is your system OC'ed any?



If this is the CPU (GPU may be the same, I'm not as familiar with it)...

Shut down the client. Try deleting the 'work' folder as well as the queue.dat and unitinfo.txt files. Re-download the client and start it back up and see what happens.

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