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2008 Video Card Roundup

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Since everything is presented via graphical representation all I have to go from is those graphs and the card mentioned in the conclusion were neither the lowest or the highest - they were middle of the road - so no matter if "lower is better" or if "higher is better" ...I still don't see how you arrived at that conclusion. :unsure:

here is my reasoning for choosing the "best" cards:



Palit 9800GX2

performance - stock: 88 (2nd place, out of 24, only beaten by the HD4870X2 very slightly)

performance - OC: 91 (2nd, ditto)

value - stock: 81 (9th - all the higher value cards are much lower performance, HD4850, 8800GT/9800GT)

value - OC: 75 (10th - ditto)

P&V - stock: 1st

P&V - OC: 2nd




Sapphire HD4850

performance - stock: 64 (13th place, out of 24 - neck and neck with MSI HD4850, and only slightly beaten by Sapphire's own Toxic version, all higher performing cards are much more expensive)

performance - OC: 73 (13th - ditto, but this time beating the more expensive Toxic version)

value - stock: 98 (2nd)

value - OC: 100 (joint 1st)

P&V - stock: 2nd

P&V - OC: 1st




As for the system spec comparison, this is a very valid point, and I have already collated that data for my own use in the guide (Phenom and Core2Duo review data was discarded from the roundup)


I will add a page with the tabularised system specs

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