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Command Rate

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I have a DFI lanparty LT X48

with 4GB of ram Model

Ram is speced for 4-4-4-15 T1

I'm running it at 4-4-4-15 T2

This is the problem I have looked high and low in the Bios for the Command Rate setting.

So I called up DFI and they sent me a pic of bios screen where the setting should be.

Tech informed me that this was probably a early beta of the bios I'm running now.

The setting is not there.

Started to do some web searching and found that there is a setting "T2 Dispatch"

Where if it set to Enable it would run the ram at T1 and if its set to

Disable it would run at T2.

I have set at both of these and it Still runs at T2

I updated the Bios to the latest version and still no change.

I tried Memset and it wont change it.



Any one have any ideas



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"Command To CS Delay" for both channels needs to be set to 1N. Doubtful you will get the board to run at though. 1T is specified for that memory using a nVidia chipset, not Intel.



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