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    Intel Q6600 @ 3.2 GHz
    DFI lanparty LT X48
    EVGA 9800 GTX
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  1. Driver Packaging Version 8.812-110104a-111988C-ATI Catalyst 10.12 As for the Monitor going blank I have tried different display ports as well as changing the monitors and when in Eyefinity it is always the monitor that is on the adapter. However If I take the 3 monitors out of eyefinity the screens stay on with out any issues. This was causing me to think it could be a eyefinity issue. When I was using the Nvidia 9800gtx & 9600gt there was no need for the adapter since they were all running off DVI. Hmm I going to try changing the refresh rate on the monitors maybe I will get lucky. But yes when I was using the 9X00 cards they were all off DVI. And for the strobing models when in game there is a tool to change the items on the ship and it will have a small model of the ship you are working on. PIC The ship will look like a strob light is flashing it. The ship will kind of blink brighter then the norm. I will try to get a screen shot. never mind here is a short clip Thanks for the ideas so far ^_^
  2. About 2 months ago i picked up a XFX HD 6870 BE. I have been having some issues with picture on the displays. I have three 22 wide Acer's all in a row. The left and center are on the DVI ports and the right is on the mini display port. I have got the adapter for the mini display to DVI Link When I got the card did a clean install of Win 7 64bit Ultimate and updated all drivers. I have since uninstalled and reinstalled the video card drivers with no change to the issues. The card is not overclocked and is running stock. and now to the issues.. When running eyefinity some times the right screen will go black and get no signal, if I unplug the monitor and plug it back in the picture will come back. This does not happen when it is not in eyefinity. There is also a slow rolling horizontal invisible line some times again only in eyefinity mode rolling goes from bottom to top. The center screen has a static invisible line (horizontal) in the center of the screen and is only seen when there is movement on the screen. Again only in eyefinity mode. and the last issue is when running a game (EVE) there are models that will blink like there is a strobe light on it. This happens in and out of eyefinity. I used to have a 9800gtx and 9600 gt running these 3 monitor's and didn't have any of these issues up until I changed out the video card. If any body has any ideas it would be greatly appreciated
  3. in a state of Derp

  4. Very nice work man! Download Link ?? ^_^
  5. AMD Athlon 64 X2 6400+ BE I have had this for about 2.5 years It has allways been kept cool (Cooler Master gemini 2) It has been OC'ed to 3.4 for about 6 months then it went in to the wifes rig and has seen any hard work since. CPU work like a champ just upgrading. $80 OBO Shipped PM me for any questions.
  6. I have 10 invites if anyone still needs one just PM your email :thumbs-up:
  7. My thoughts will be with his loved ones and family. Verran you will be missed. R.I.P Verran
  8. Only 1 at this time a Remington 700 .308 with match grade barrel with a tactical stock. Still Saving for the Optics. Sad part is the optics are more then what I have put in to the weapon so far.
  9. My 2 top movies would have to be... Perfect Blue Apple Seed As for manga I would have to have time to read /cry
  10. Hmm It depends on how many jumps went bad Jokes aside Very Impressive
  11. +1 for NOD32 small footprint and keeps the wife from jacking every thing up ^_^
  12. I thought it is funny that they have called the gaps in the blades M.A.P.S Multiple Airflow Pass-through Structure It reminded me of manifold absolute pressure sensor
  13. Ooh yeah! I'm in Madison WI. If you dont mind me asking how much are the tickets
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