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Rebuild Of "the Beast"

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Ok so i acquired this antec 900 from a friend and decided to rebuild my rig into this case. I don't have any of my old setup but here are my build pics so far. First pic is of my modded noctua cpu heatsink. Had to shorten it by 3 fins for it to fit in the case. Other pics are of my mockup so i can see how everything is located and where to run cables and wires. I will be installing blue LED's behind the mobo and psu that will shine out from behind them.







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Alright here are all the pics i have up until this morning. All the previous pics are from this week and i haven't been able to post em. Oh and by the way i'm the new guy here :D


The first pic is of the custom billet aluminum plate that i had made to go on top of my heatsink. The next pic is of after i drilled the holes for the LED's and cables. Also have the grommets mounted. The next two pics show some cable management which isn't completely done yet, i still have to hook up the lights and fans. Following pics are the semi complete pics. I'm still waiting on my SATA cables for my DVD drive before i will be completely done. The HDD will be my next upgrade since i'm still running this crappy ATA drive and have that ugly ribbon cable. Planning on a 1TB Seagate.









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