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unusual artifacting.


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Two days ago, only in windows xp, I noticed some green dots on the background and in SOME games (warcraft III was flawless, cs, css, dod:s, steam games didnt work along with atitool's stress test). I tried underclocking my gfx card and upgrading to the latest beta drivers, but that was of no help. Yesterday I got a temporary replacement at bestbuy, a 7950GT. But I'm still plagued with the same artifacting issues.


So this unusual artifacting seems to be unrelated from the graphics card.


The next thing i tried was to swap ram, and test the ddr ram from my other (working) computer, which showed me even more problems. Based upon which ram slot is being used, i get a different problem. The one closest to the cpu gives me long repeating beeps and the computer wont post. Same for the one second closest to the cpu. The 2nd farthest from the cpu gives me a ton of artifacting, in the bios/post screens in addition to windows. The farthest from the cpu only artifacts inside windows, and its much less sever than the 2nd farthest slot. I've tried with my ocz ram kit, my corsair ram kit, and my lone stick of pqi ram. All exhibit the same problems when they are in those corresponding ram slots.


Now here's what confused me, I took the ocz ram kit that occupied the now broken computer, and stuck it into my spare pc that had the corsair ram. For dual channel mode they need to go in slots 1 & 2. While in there, i got motherboard beeps and the computer wouldn't post, but in slots 1 & 3 (single channel mode) it would post fine and the os would load issue free. Btw i tried the new 7950GT in the spare computer (linux), and there was no artifacting at all.


It seems very odd to me that a motherboard could cause artifacting in certain spots in windows. I understand that the ram slot anomoly could be caused by a bad motherboard, but the unique artifacting threw me off.


To remedy this situation, I'll rma the ocz ram, and the psu (just incase), but I can't rma the motherboard, since i replaced the broken stock cooler with the thermalright hr-05-sli, and discarded it. I doubt dfi would take back a motherboard with a non-stock heatsink. Now i'll need a new motherboard, but newegg's s939 selection is anything but spectacular.


I'm open to suggestions on thing to try to fix the computer, and replacement motherboards, or where to get that dfi stock POS chipset hsf.



(BTW, i tried everything with my cpu @ stock frequencies)



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