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  1. Have you considered the monitor may be faulty?
  2. Why do you recommend the 965 series boards over the newer 680i? I was reading some reviews today and most found the 680i performance benchmarks higher than the 965 boards.
  3. Yea, I was looking at the TEC system and it seems that it runs well up to certain heat (175W I think) and then drops off from there. The fact that it doesnt support a GPU block either is *thumbs down*. I was thinking of using some DangerDen stuff. Any suggestions on a case?
  4. I think I am going to go with the Gigabyte 965P-DQ6 and E6600 and overclock it. The reason I didn't want to overclock this PC (besides having another one I currently overclock) is the heat issue with this case. I currently have an ATI X800XT that is running 70C and was up to 110C the other night. However, I have decided to go for the complete overhaul and get a new case and possibly watercooling. I was looking at the CoolIT system like you are running Raider. Why did you choose that one/ I didn't notice capability for a GPU block, any comments on that?
  5. Thanks for the help so far. Any suggestions on the solo graphics card? 8800 GTX are just way too expensive.
  6. Have another system at home i am OCing. I just want a solid, reliable, stable, fast gaming PC.
  7. As for as the CPU goes, big difference between E6400 and E6600?
  8. What's the difference between the S3 and DS3?
  9. This is somewhat related to the other thread about best motherboards. I currently have a 3.2 P4 with 3GB of RAM and it really performs poorly in Vista and gaming. I know this forum probably has some bias towards DFI boards, but I thought I'd ask here anyway since I have been following these forums for a while. I am looking to spend about $650-$750 US and am looking for the best CPU/Motherboard combo. I was looking at some 680i motherboards but saw in other threads that users haven't been to happy about the performance and stability. I would like an SLI motherboard and I am not really looking to overclock this particular machine. I was currently considering the Asus Striker Extreme with a Intel C2D E6600 but that motherboard seems a bit pricey. Any suggestions? Thanks
  10. Do C2D processors require Vista 64bit or are they fully functional with the 32bit version? Any drawbacks from using 32bit OS over 64bit? Thanks
  11. Thanks angry_games. I am going to try the sata coverter on the hdd and then put the cd/rw on IDE. I will let you know what happens
  12. Hi I just tried installing a CDRW using the included IDE to Sata converter on my DFI board. However, the BIOS doesnt seem to be recognizing it. is there anything that needs to be turned on in the BIOS?
  13. Yea they all are pretty expensive. I didn't realize the Athlon 64s were THAT much either, expected them to be less than Intel (i guess i haven't really looked at AMD for a few years). I think I will forget the Koolance systems for now since I don't plan to do any major overclocking anyway, so won't need water cooling. I think I will still go with the Lian Li 1000V case though. Any comments on that case? Any case recommendations, and why?
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