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DFI infinity 975 NB


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i used my swiftech mcw-30 & my temps never went over 44c, even with 1.75v north & a heavy o/c. desktop was about 38-40c.


the only thing is u need to use one of the mounting springs that comes with the mcw-30 & also the spring off ure 975xg stock sink. use them both on the same two mobo hooks, its also worth taking the square foam off ure 975 north sink and the putting it back round the edge of the chipset, u do get sum foam pads with the mcw-30 too.


it hold on just as good as my new icfx3200t2rg & thats got all four mounting points. if u do search under my name ive already posted pictures of when i did it on my 975xg, if u find them u'll see me holding my mobo in the air by the northblock.


regards g-man


p.s. ignore my sig it needs updating

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