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  1. if u look at a bit of history from where i live, u most likely would'nt need to ask this question. they have proven to be some of the most influential/skilled leaders we've had. we could all have been speaking in spanish if it was'nt for Queen Elizabeth I
  2. free burning software imgburn http://www.imgburn.com/index.php?act=download
  3. the ajustment is it goes up every season u mean Suedenim
  4. im with rado on this one, even though i know how good the seasonics are for their ratings. i was running my old icfx3200, e6600 , x1900xtx ,6x fans & pump on my seasonic 600watt. if i wasnt careful on how i balanced out the psu's rails it would reboot when overly pushed. so i bought my current silverstone 850 & alls been well since then.
  5. please dont wevsspot i'd love to know if hes sorted the problem using catalyst 8.1 ????? i'll do the same if its gonna work, but dont fancy all that mucking around if its gonna still be odd after. cheers gm
  6. nice 1 reaper, so which driver are u using?
  7. its catalyst 8.1 thats causing the square, i get the same thing. install a previous catalyst & it will go away regards
  8. alphacool sysclean seems to be pritty good http://www.custompc.co.uk/howtos/601551/cl...oling-loop.html click the link under the picture to see the guide, they even did the old penny trick like those cheesy tv add's lol. it would prob be worth putting a penny in a load of vinegar for a week to see if or how much it reacts.
  9. is it going on to a IE7 setup page instead of ure homepage? if so just finish the IE7 setup thingy ,save the settings & then set ure orignal homepage.
  10. just to edit what i said about my e6750's coretemps a few posts back, they were not as low as i thought. i was using an older version of coretemp when i needed to be using the newest beta one. still extreme low temps even for h20 cooling desktop the cpu volt are stock 1.35v , but it seems to draw extra when o/ced in desktop?? i have only put the cpu vtt up from 1.21 to 1.29v. room temp of 19c short load everest is showing the same core temps as the none beta coretemp , i should hav realised when the core temp was so much lower than my room temp lol this dame 3dmark03 is still peeing me off, ive got a 11hours orthos +3d01se screenshot ready for a ocdb entry with the setting from the above links, but cant get 3d01 to run even at stock fsb
  11. glad to here ure all good, loving those DB entrys im guessing ure right its the icfx wether or not it was the same 3dmark u got those problem with . the icfx is starting to give me sum odd problems since ive tryed running 3d03 so meny time & got those reboots everytime. the e6750 is realy showing up this mobo to. this new chip like u said flys with the limited fsb ive got, fsb450x8 with just 0.02v added on the VTT lol mad little c2d. i reckon this new chip could do 4Ghz if i had a capeable mobo , so fsb500+ . im just a bit hesatant to buy a mobo with all the new boards comming out now & through to the new year. i could get a cheep bloodiron to rinse for a few months till i now what board i want for a penryn. im not getting the money for the mobo etc off my mate till after xmas & might as well use that £150. we might even hav sum of the newer dfi mobos over in the UK buy then(newer p35 & the x38). green
  12. alright c-n how it going, dame nice chips those e6850's 4Ghz :drool::drool: , ive just got hold of a e6750 which i stright swaped for my e6600. my friend bought my 975x/g & a-datas pc2-8000 off me & got a e6750 thinking it would work in the 975x/g which has'nt got a bios for 1333 c2d's. so i swapped doing him a favor & giving me a change from from my e6600 which i was board with anyway. getting to my point in posting in this thread, im trying to get sum ocdb entrys up myself but cant get 3dmark03 to run no matter what i try. it crashes every time just before the second cpu test, it loads the second test but just when it should have started my system reboots? it can be at stock 24/7 stable, o/c 24/7 stable what ever? ive tried downloading the latest version of 3dmark03 & even tried re-installing catalyst? it not like the e6750 is getting to hot or unstable, it sit's at 10-11c desktop o/ced to 3.5Ghz with 1.38volts & even fully loaded in orthos it stays in the mid 20's. im not 100% sure if i ran 3d03 when i first got my ati 3870 & was still using the c2d e6600 , but it does'nt seem like a gpu error to me? every dame bench runs perfectly just not 3d03 :mad: :confused: eney ideas eneybody? im all out. cheers green
  13. im very happy with my new 3870, to me its like an improved 1900xtx. most things seem to run slightly better on the 3870 @ 1920x1200, not loads but noticable. one thing i hav noticed that the image qual is better in sum games. in medivalII the 3d map is more detailed, for example the sanddunes used to look flatter & less 3d, now the are much more pronounced. so far i hav found a few issues with ccc, the autotune button buggers up my OS, not sure it thats just on my 64bit OS or 32bit also? the only other thing ive notaced wrong is while playing games i get funny silver looking lines where the polygons meet on walls etc. it happens in different games not just one, so hopefully it will get sorted out in the next copple of catalyst drivers.
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